Truck service


Company Zagrebački transporti doo , with the work of classical forwarding, is specialized in servicing and maintenance of freight vehicles and trailers.

It is a respectable service with years of experience and tradition (former HRUŠKAR-service), at the site Dugo Selo – Mala Ostrna and covers an area of ​​around 10,000 m2.

The service facilities are located in two halls and are equipped with the most advanced, diagnostic equipment and tools to the highest standards, which follows the expertise and education of our employees.

We are able to perform the following works : general arrangement of the engine, brake system, control and repair management system, transmission repair and retarder, repair of electrical installations and preparation of vehicles for periodic technical inspection.

We also have equipment for de / mounting and balancing tires, as well as everything you need to control and adjustment of wheel geometry, ie. Spur , to tires better and more regular spending.

You point out that we are able to offer a complete service sheet metal and painting work , including repairs to the chassis, changes the thresholds, bed and handling chassis , pulling tiny dents, as well as repair major damage which occurred in traffic accidents. We work with all insurance companies and therefore repair and hull damage .

We build and sell original and replacement spare parts from renowned manufacturers that warranty if they are installed in our service.

The company Zagreb transports continually invests in technology development service center, but also in the training of employees, to monitor the quality of the increasing demands of the market.

Address where you can visit the Zagrebačka 27, Mala Ostrna, Dugo Selo.


Working hours:
Mon-Fri 08.00-16.00
Sat 08.00 -13.00